Have You Been Misdiagnosed or Fear Major Surgery?

Leg cramps and pain could lead to various different misdiagnoses.
Osteoarthritis of the knee can now be treated without a full knee replacement and surgery. Get to the root cause of the problem with our team of specialists.
Telehealth appointments are available. No physician referral is required.

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57 year old male with diabetes and severe Neuropathy. Patient came to me for a second opinion after he was informed that his only option for the non-healing great toe wound was amputation. After a physical exam and screening ultrasound, the patient had an angiogram. The angiogram showed his blood flow was fine up to the toe. At the level of the toe, there was a blockage of the blood flow on the inner side where the non-healing wound was present. After opening up the tiny blood vessels using angioplasty, the patient’s wound began to heal. Within 6 weeks, the wound healed completely and the patient’s neuropathy improved, which also helped him with his balance. This case is a perfect example of how finding the right physician with the proper skill set can prevent amputation. At AVA Vascular our team performs these complex interventions on a regular basis.

Conditions we treat

At AVA Vascular we use state of the art equipment like the new Zenition Phillips C-arm which reduces radiation dose by 70% compared to the other commonly used equipment in most practices. In combination with the latest technology and many years of expertise, our patients have the best outcome.

Our Values & Accomplishments

  • Patients first.
  • Fast and professional service.
  • Patients can be seen on the same day or next business day.
  • Longtime dedicated specialist in peripheral artery disease, critical limb ischemia and wound healing.
  • Highly experienced and skilled.
  • Performed over four thousand below knee and below ankle interventions. We are capable of opening circulation down to the toes when most physicians stop at the knee.
  • Published the book “Interventional Radiology secrets” and the first paper in the world on describing the anatomy and intervention involving digital branches of the great toe.

About Dr. Nikhil Patel

Dr. Nik Patel has over 18 years of experience as an Interventional Radiologist. He was trained at the University of Rochester, in Rochester, New York, where he stayed back as faculty and within two years, became one of the youngest in the country to be named as “Chief of Interventional Radiology” overseeing the entire section consisting of eight faculty members, four fellows, and rotating residents. He was instrumental in starting a liver and biliary intervention program in affiliation with the liver transplant team. During his tenure at the university, he has published many research papers and has written a textbook titled “Interventional Radiology Secrets”. Read more

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Diabetic Foot Evaluation and PAD Risk Assessment

1. Age

2. Hypertension

3. High Cholesterol

4. Diabetes

5. Smoking cigarettes or cigar?

1. Do you have pain or cramps in your leg muscles when you walk?

2. How far can you walk before the pain or cramps in your leg muscles starts

3. Is the pain or cramps in your leg muscles relieved when you stop walking or rest

4. Do you get pain or leg cramps when you?

a. Climb steps in your house

b. Walk at incline

5. Do you have diabetes with numbness or tingling in your feet or toes?

6. Do you have diabetes and Neuropathy in your feet?

7. Do you have stiffness of your toes?

8. Do you get cramps in your toes and feet?

9. Do your feet feel cold ?

10. Do you have open sores or wounds on your feet or toes ?

1. Have you had previous procedures done on your legs that involved fixing your circulation?

2. Have you had a heart attack or stroke?

3. Have you had a wound on your feet or toes in the past?

We offer an alternative to traditional surgeries which can have long recovery timesand higher rates of complications for many common conditions such as arthritis of the knee, BPH, and hemorrhoids. We bring awareness to both patients and primary care physicians about PAD and alternative minimally invasive treatment options.


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