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Refer patients with confidence. AVA Vascular makes it easy for physicians to confidently refer patients with our convenient location. We also provide telemedicine. We will keep you in the loop with every step of the process from the time of the referral to completing the examination and treatment if indicated,  thru our Customer relationship portal. Rest assure your patient will always remain yours and will provide care that is with in our scope. Share our website to patient. Physicians can email Dr. Patel at

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Referral Form

    This is a referral for consultation. If the consultation findings require further evaluation and treatment by the physician or Physician extender including but not limited to additional tests or procedures this shall serve as my written referral.

    We offer an alternative to traditional surgeries which can have long recovery timesand higher rates of complications for many common conditions such as arthritis of the knee, BPH, and hemorrhoids. We bring awareness to both patients and primary care physicians about PAD and alternative minimally invasive treatment options.


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